College campuses have become battlegrounds for the minds and souls of young people.

A recent estimate shows that over 60% of Catholic students walk away from the faith during their college years.

From the moment students set foot on campus, their faith and moral life are under assault from what Blessed John Paul II referred to as a "culture of death:" a self-centered culture in which God and His ways are seen to be irrelevant. 

Will you respond to the call to bring the light and truth of Christ to college campuses across the United States?


SPO needs Mission Leaders in our Chapters throughout the country. They are full-time recent college graduates who lead SPO's mission on the ground by: 

Reaching out to college students on campus

Calling them to embrace salvation in Christ

Forming them to maturity in the Catholic faith

Sending them to be missionaries to their peers



SPO is looking for: 

Radical Catholic disciples of Jesus, rooted in daily prayer and the sacraments

Bold witnesses, animated by the Spirit, ready to share their faith with friends and strangers alike

Joyful servant leaders who carry within them a faith-filled, generous spirit to do whatever it takes to bring Catholic faith alive on campus

Men and women of integrity who trust God deeply and want to live and share a new way of life with college students




One year ago to the month, my last year of college, I set out on a quest to discover the next step for my life. I found many doors wide open: teachers were encouraging me to apply for graduate schools, I was offered a full time job, and with my Renaissance Program Minor I had the option of taking free business classes. Open doors, real possibilities, but I found that I did not want to pursue any of them.

So I stopped and said in prayer; ‘Here I am. Send me!’

I found that my ‘Here’ was with Saint Paul’s Outreach. Here is where I had been serving while in college, Here is where I found an answer to the question of ‘how am I to live?’, Here is where I had been given much and had much to offer, and Here is where my heart desired to be.

It turned out that my ‘Send’ was to the Kansas City area. August 18, 2013, that is where I found myself: Here and Sent. In my quest I learned that we each have our own ‘Here’ and we each have our own ‘Send,’ though they are often dependent on others.
— Anna DeMarais, Mission Leader
Anna DeMarais

Anna DeMarais

Mission Leader Liaisons

Have questions about what it means to be a Mission Leader? Check back soon to see the 2014-2015 Mission Leader liaison in your area!




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