Bringing Young Adults to Christian Maturity

The Saint Paul’s Outreach Formation Program helps students and young adults mature in their Christian faith, love Christ, and embrace the life of his Church with all of their lives for the rest of their lives. Following Christ entails a life-long process of being transformed into his image, but there are certain seasons of one’s life during which this growth can and should be particularly concentrated. College and young adulthood is one of those seasons: a special time for intensive formation and generous service. The main components of the SPO Formation Program are: Formation in Christian Living courses, Men’s and Women’s Formation Groups, and mentoring. Formation Program members are also usually involved in other SPO programs such as Household, Missionary Corps, and campus outreach events.

Formation in Christian Living Courses

Seeking out and listening to wisdom in living the Christian life is a fundamental element in the process of growing in holiness. One of the most prominent features of the Formation Program is the teaching provided over a three-year course sequence. The material covers an extensive variety of topics on Christian Maturity, Christian Personal Relationships, State of Life and Vocation, Being Christian Men/Women, Christian Character, and Christian Doctrine.

Men’s and Women’s Small Groups

Community can be a challenge for modern young Americans, especially since our culture promotes independence and individualism more than commitment to a common vision and way of life. At the heart of the Formation Program is the goal of creating a strong and supportive environment that helps young men and women to become mature Christians together. With this in mind, participants share life with each other in Men’s and Women’s Formation Groups, which are usually 4-8 people in size, and could be described as more intense, more committed versions of D-Groups.


As brothers and sisters in Christ, we are called to care for one another. This care can take various forms. In the Formation Program, it takes place within the context of the Formation Groups, but it does not end there. Each participant meets one-on-one with a mentor (usually monthly), who is older and more experienced in the Christian life, and gains from their wisdom and insight. This person is often the leader of the participant’s Formation Group.

Spots in the Formation Program are limited by the number of small group leaders and mentors available in each area.  Please contact an SPO Staff member in your area for more information.