What's SNE all about?

SNE is effective, not simply because it brings together teachers and students, but because it is an immersion into the evangelistic heart of Catholicism. Those who have heard the good news become heralds of the good news. Disciples become apostles. This objective is realized through:

  • Dynamic Orthodox Teaching – Through multiple breakout sessions on Holiness, Communion, and Mission, participants learn how these topics apply to their lives and mission as  college students.
  • Powerful Prayer - Through daily Mass and common prayer each morning and night every day is filled with opportunities to praise God, listen to Him and respond to His voice in prayer.
  • Rich Community Living - While staying at either the Saint Paul Seminary or St. John Vianney during SNE, each student experiences small group sharing, common prayer, and regular meals together.

Questions?  Send them to sne@spoweb.org